Music — Another Concert With A Cause


by Robert Greene

Singer/songwriter Shawn Colvin is coming to the Capitol Center for the Arts at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 11, a benefit for Child and Family Services.

Tickets are $29.50, $35 and $38, available at or by calling 225-1111. 

A small-town girl from Carbondale, Illnois, Colvin had anything but small-town dreams. At 15, she made her first appearance at the University of Illinois playing Joni Mitchell covers — one of her biggest influences. By the late ’70s Colvin was singing in a Western Swing band called The Dixie Diesels in her now hometown Austin, Texas. And by the ’80s, Colvin was writing and performing songs in New York with acclaimed singer/songwriter John Leventhal, who produced David Crosby’s A Thousand Roads.

Colvin’s 1989 Grammy-winning album, Steady On, gave her the confidence to release a steady collection of critically acclaimed albums on Sony’s Columbia Records label — Fat City (1992), Cover Girl (1994), A Few Small Repairs (1996) and Whole New You (2001).

With the intimacy of her lyrics coupled with melodic vocals and the strumming of her acoustic guitar, it seems that Colvin and her guitar function as one. Her lyrics are the driving force in her cathartic songwriting career.

“They are personal,” Colvin said in an interview in Performing Songwriter magazine. “I sometimes feel as though I should apologize for that, but I’m too quick to negate myself as a songwriter ... that’s part of what’s taken so long.”

Just browse through  Colvin’s latest album, Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection, released by Columbia in 2004. Pulled from her earlier albums, Polaroids offers a wide range of dynamic talent spanning  Colvin’s 15-year career. She has a new album planned for 2005.

For more information on Colvin’s performance, visit

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