March 2, 2006


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Cavalier King, The Sun Revolutions
Rubric Records, 2006

Overall, this is a really good CD to rock out to.

There are a few annoying parts, but otherwise if you are looking for something original to turn up really loud this is it. It sort of reminds me of something those uber-cool kids in Empire Records would have blasted — toward the end of the movie, I think. Painter and musician Chris Taylor declares Cavalier King his alter ego. He’s in New York City right now, but seems to have another life in Texas with an underground following. His influences are all over the map, from Bjork to Madonna, David Bowie to Micheal Jackson, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Bruce Springsteen, Led Zepplin to Depeche Mode.

You get the idea. The CD is only 37 minutes long, but it packs a lot in there.

You may not be able to take it out of your CD player, some of the tunes are so catchy. “Champagne & Cocaine,” “Renegade” and “Sun Revolutions” are wonderful alt-rock anthems complete with key change for the bridge with Taylor letting loose.

What feels like a reference to music you would hear before a gunfight about to go down in a Western with the beginning of “Angels of Mars.”

My favorite is “The Unprotected,” again, an anthem-type song that alternates between subtle and letting loose in a U2’s Edge kind of fashion. I live a sterile life, I live a safe life, so I will never feel pain or suffering... I want the real thing, I want the unprotected, I want the consequences, I want the feeling that I am still alive....” are some of the lyrics, which can sum up a lot of frustration until you get to the end, and start wondering if he just wants unprotected sex.


—Heidi Masek