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July 21, 2005

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Country-fried Bacon bits

Star waxes on work, movies and playing music with his brother

by Richie Victorino

The Bacon Brothers, formed in 1995, are made up of Michael Bacon and his brother, Kevin Bacon. They play about 60 shows across the country each year, including their show here, at the Stockbridge Theatre in Derry, on Friday, July 29. Kevin is, of course, better known as a Hollywood actor, starring in such films as Apollo 13, Sleepers, Murder in the First and Mystic River. But he may be best known for his role in the ’80s smash hit Footloose.

When they play on stage, fans tend to scream out “Footloose, Footloose,” and usually the brothers Bacon will comply with the demands by busting into their acoustic rendition of the song. But when they’re not covering “Footloose,” the Bacon Brothers are busy performing songs off their four studio albums, including their latest effort, White Knuckles, which is available through iTunes. Kevin took a moment this week to talk to us about whether he’d rather act or play music, how he feels about being a breakfast food and revealing who would win in an arm wresting match, he or his brother.

What’s new for the Bacon Brothers these days?

We’ve got a new album, White Knuckles. It’s been released on iTunes, at the Apple music store.  So you can get it from iTunes or you can get it from our website. It’s still getting pressed so hopefully it’ll be ready for the upcoming shows. We’re  really excited about it.

Who writes the songs?

My brother and I write the songs. We write them first on acoustic guitars. We used to write together but now we pretty much write separately. I write the lyrics for all the songs I sing lead on and he writes the ones he sings lead on.

If you had to choose between music and acting, which would you choose?

Well, one thing that complicates that issue is that I don’t make a living as a musician. If I had to choose, with all things equal, I’d choose my movie career because I have to support my family. If I could make the same amount of money in either one, it would be a tough one for me. I don’t know, I started making music before I even took an acting class. There are times my brother and I look at each other and say, ‘Shit, why didn’t we do this when we were 19?’ I love them both.

Would you ever want to act in a movie where you and your brother wrote all the songs for it?

Yeah. We toyed around with the idea of a Broadway musical. The idea of collaborating one day and writing a rock musical would be really challenging, and a lot of fun.

What kind of names were you called when you were a kid?

Oh man, tons. Baco-bits, eggs and bacon. It’s not really the nicknames but the jokes. People always think they’re the first ones to come up with the idea that our name is a breakfast food.

Do you have any new movies coming out soon?

I’ve got one coming out called Where the Truth Lies, with Colin Farrell,  and I directed a film called Loverboy that my brother wrote the music for.

When can we expect them?

In the fall.

Talking about the six degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon, have you ever figured out somebody who’s not separated from you by six degrees?

(laughs) No, but I can’t say that I spend much time with it.

Lastly, who would win in an arm wrestling contest, you or your brother?

Well my brother has beaten me, on national television no less. He’d be the first one to tell you that. He beat me solidly.

When was that?

Probably about three years ago.

Bring home the Bacon

The Hippo has two pairs of tickets to give away to The Bacon Brothers’ July 29 show in Derry. To win, send an e-mail to contest@hippopress.com listing your six favorite Kevin Bacon movies. Winners will be picked from the pool via a random drawing on July 27 and will be notified that day.

Listen to The Bacon Brothers at BaconBros.com.