December 21, 2006


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The Vital Might, Obsidian
Let’s Get Awesome Records, 2006

“Sometimes heard on WAAF and WFNX” isn’t the sort of resume bullet that works most local music followers into a total freak. Who hasn’t known someone whose brother’s/sister’s boy/girlfriend was some kind of local rock-bar hero, and Crash from BCN hung out with them once in a while at the Paradise and whanot, big whoop? Well, think again, you, because… wait, best do some disclaiming first: (1) I was not paid to say this stuff. (2) If I wanted free passes to the Paradise or Axis, I’d reply to one of the hundred e-mail invites that come in on a weekly basis. (3) I don’t even want another local act to break big and become pasteurized gunk like Godsmack did. But chances are very good that Vital Might will get the chance. This band is literally inventing (or QC-ing, if you think Mars Volta is, like, good) modern prog, pitting latter-day Don Caballero against emo, Radiohead, Live and Extreme to – finally – produce something Generation Zzz can be proud of and call its own. The hooks are tremendous, the arrangements are genius. For your next mix burn, download “Mist of Crystals” and “North of Bloody,” or someday you’ll be having another “Godsmack’s from around here?” moment. A

— Eric W. Saeger