February 25, 2010


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Veil Veil Vanish, Change in the Neon Light
Metropolis Records, Feb. 23

I’m telling all y’all muh-fuhs right now, if I ever describe an album in the following way, I want you to kill me, understand? “A salient discharge of swirling, kinetic atmospheres punctured by deep bass lines and urgent, brusque guitars that brush against soft backdrops, threatening to tear them all down.” That hilarious display of self-eyeball-stabbing was from a Canadian wag trying to babble his/her way out of writing what (s)he so needed to in regard to this record: “Excellent. Cure. Imitation.” That’s what this is, see, and the band even have a past slot on the Cure tribute album Perfect As Cats to prove that they’re like into the Cure.

Fine, whatever, I’ll be nice. And honest and descriptive. But it’s going to cost you younglings out there, cursed as you are with Green Day as your generation’s Ramones, a MySpace Music safari. Watch closely: VVV aren’t a Cure ripoff but a pastiche of ’80s best-of-breed radio-gunk, which could, sho’ nuff, leave an enthusiastic Canadian writer-wannabe tongue-tied and poking at hir eyes. The vocals are more like Howard Jones’s than Robert Smith’s, and there’s some Joy Division hanging around, but not to the extent that you’d get bummed and crazy-text your ex. It’s safe, see, like your Green Day (not that they don’t “rock”). And that’s my “salient discharge” re this album. B- — Eric W. Saeger