June 1, 2006


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Tool, 10,000 Days
Volcano, 2006

Hey, no horrid John Lennon covers! At least 10,000 Days has one thing going for it.

For years Tool has stood as a beacon of dark integrity in a prog-rock ocean of Coheed & Cambria crapulence. The beacon has not been snuffed out but it’s becoming apparent that Maynard James Keenan’s song writing abilities have taken a turn for the worst. Tool’s previous efforts have always retained a timeless quality with thought provoking lyrics and mind-bending music. Only Tool could produce a track that sounds like Humpback whales traveling through space.

10,000 Days musically sounds like a blederized version of their previous three efforts and it’s easy to detect previously used riffs like some sort of sonic sloppy seconds. Lyrically, Maynard leaves little to nothing to be pondered for future listening sessions. Most songs will have you angry that you spent three minutes listening to intro riffs only to be rewarded with lyrics that leave you saying “Duh!”

This is isn’t to say the entire album is terrible, “Rosetta Stoned” stands to be an opus worthy of a Tool best of compilation (knock on wood). But it hardly atones for an album that sounds like 70 percent of Tool filler. Four great records out of five ain’t bad. C-

Dan Brian

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