December 7, 2006


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Tom Novy, Ibiza Sessions Vol 2
Groove Attack Records, 2006

Word is that German sub-superstar DJ Novy (aka Casanovy) has gone garage-house these days, favoring the variety of hip-hop-disco hairball Artful Dodger coughed up in "Re-rewind." In a normal world that would mean he' as tired of progressive house as the other glorified record collectors ah, mega-club DJs who, poor babies, have to suffer through spinning sexy tunes for Paris Hilton' entourage until 5 a.m., but there' no sign of that in this highy agreeable double-CD mix of deep house and chill beats, so maybe he regained his senses in a timely manner. Assumed reader knowledge aside, this is precisely the type of stuff you'd expect to hear in a posh, thematically decorated nightclub, plenty of cyber-ized funk-soul (Stisch' "Sawdust Caesar"), some hey-dude-please-don't-call-it-trance trance (Karen Overton' "Your Loving arms") and a few hits of electro-babble (Novy has a thing for kludged nonsense-syncopation, so Bodyrox' "Yeah Yeah" is here). You could do a heckuva lot worse than this if you were trying to impress the snobby kids. B+

Eric W. Saeger