October 1, 2009


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The Vivs, Mouth to Mouth
self-released, Sept. 22

Boston band Tribe, riders of Til Tuesday’s coattails in the late ’80s, leased “Outsider” to the Rock Band video game, oddly enough a song that comes from their self-released debut LP, not from one of the two albums they did for Warners/Slash Records. Ain’t that the Boston-band way of doing things, and remember we’re talking about Tribe, the mother of all indescribably nondescript acts that ever hogged all the good slots at the Channel when the club was alive. Tribe’s two main songwriters (the husband-wife team of keys player Terri and guitarist Eric Brosius, producing here) are the backbone of The Vivs, formerly known as Edith, but whether they’re called Edith or The Vivs or Tribe Redux or Goat Demon Bit Off My Hand, whatever, the only one possibly having fun here is you, watching me squirm while thinking of something adamantly positive to say about this. And lucky us, they just got back from a “breeding hiatus,” so the awful stench of baby powder is part of the mix, mainly consisting of boring Cowboy Junkies filler propelled into Casper Milquetoast nothingness by singer Karen Harris’s bush-league karaoke of Natalie Merchant. Want to be whisked away to the unkempt living room of a dusty Brookline townhouse where sit a few bovine, overeducated knobs making unfunny jokes about local politics, all with the irresistible smell of dough-flavored croissants (and baby powder) hanging in the air? No? Come on, man, support your local ROCK SCENE! C-EWS