May 24, 2007


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The Old Soul, The Old Soul
Friendly Fire Recordings, 2007

Patchwork quilt of chintziness from nearly every era of rock, foretelling a “Remembering the Oldies” medley played by the house band at the 2025 Grammys. Luca Maoloni’s crippling ADD has produced an Exxon Valdez genre-spill that would either be (A) the only record you’d ever need on a desert island, or (B) the most fetid mound of post-alt bollocks you could imagine, depending on how you were raised. Originally released on the band’s own Hand Of God label in 2004, when it was arguably less safe to be this worthless, it exposes Maoloni as a leisure-class attention-mosquito who fancies himself a cross between Sufjan and Zappa: bad xylophone introduces bad Smoky Robinson karaoke interrupted by bad metal guitars and bad mariachi horns with lyrics rhyming “lion tamer” with “what a flamer” in “P is for Protein,” and that’s just the first 4 minutes. Your skip button will also happen upon a Cliff Richard/Interpol/Gaelic Storm powwow at “Booby Trap.” C-Eric W. Saeger