November 16, 2006


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The Horrors, We are the Horrors EP
Stolen Transmission Records, 2006

The limeys are totally losing their minds over this and so should you, if not for the Sex Pistols-ness of it all then for love of sheer barroom stupidity. No, "Sheena Is a Parasite" isn't some doctorate thesis on what the Ramones hath wrought, it's telling us that there's this chick named Sheena and she's, you know, a parasite it can't possibly be anything deeper because these slap-heads look and sound and smell like they've had all the blood drained from their crankcases and replaced with Dr. Pepper. Frothing at the mouth they go at it, wiping boogers on studio walls while their babes squeal approval, avoiding the gazes of know-it-all indie geeks yelling insults in geeky voices about how The Horrors are just a slightly crazier Turpentine Brothers, fully aware that cockney losers like themselves aren't good for anything other than being beaten to near-death pulps by well-adjusted jock bouncers and "tossed with the rubbish." A star is born? Who cares, and don't bogart the Wild Turkey. A
Eric W. Saeger