October 29, 2009


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The Cribs, Ignore the Ignorant
Warner Bros, Sept. 8

Land’s sakes, what a snubbing the three Jarman brothers have taken for adding a little Foo Fighters/Bush epoxy to the Gang of Four rubber of albums past, most particularly 2007’s Men’s Needs Women’s Needs Whatever — whether or not, you know, copying Gang of Four to a T on Warners’ dime sure stuck it to the Man, didn’t it, especially with no killer groove like GoF’s “I Love a Man in Uniform” around? In response to this purgatorial indie/major success, the Jarmans have apparently decided to go hunting for supermodel girlfriends, working some almost Nickelback-ish big-rock hooks into their previously none-too-original stew and signing up ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr as a full-time guy. There’s something unabashedly punk about all this that I sort of dig, never mind the deconstructionist flourishes — Buzzcocks and Libertines touches — that round out this record, and remember, these guys wrote “Hey Scenesters!” in the hope of wrecking the lives of their native British poseurs. And blah-de-blah, but in the end, a bit unfairly, all shall be judged on the net count of first-date-sex deals the angsty, raggedly hollered hook of “Cheat On Me” closes when it’s played over sports-bar loudspeakers. B+Eric W. Sager