February 8, 2007


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The Colour, Between Earth & Sky
Rethink/EMI, 2007

Another day at the art-indie races for Menomena, power-rinsing the Shins’ sound with Sufjan’s gift of The remaining 50 people who haven’t heard the Killers or any of their clones will start by bobbing their heads to this, then bust some embarrassing hand-dancing moves, then order some KFC, then go to bed and wake up without remembering a thing. Unlike the Killers, though, there’s no Flock of Seagulls keyboard offering any depth, so The Colour – four guys from L.A. who can’t spell, that is unless they’ve already resigned themselves to a career high point marked by an NME sidebar examining “Way Hip Bands From Across the Pond, Mates” – lead off their album frenziedly regurgitating every random Rolling Stones chop that caught their ear at the A&P while they price-compared band-sized drums of peanut butter. They Mick-out for three songs in a row that all share the same Charlie Watts-capable drum track, singer Wyatt Hull switching to Chris Isaak and Robert Smith here and there for that buttery, salty indie flavor, before delivering “Devil’s Got A Holda Me,” which would either make a rockin’ Phish song or a Dolls tune so horrible that you’d squirt Krazy Glue into your ears. A- — Eric W. Saeger