September 24, 2009


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The Accüsed, The Curse of Martha Splatterhead
Southern Lord Records, Sept. 22

Southern Lord Records continues visiting a Time Tunnel vortex on the world with all sorts of cloned Sabbath/Hendrix/Candlemass sounds, but this is an unexpected pleasure, for lack of a better word. This isn’t Accüsed reinvented and retrofitted, no, but at this point in the slovenly history of indie metal that’s a good thing — this new, stubborn, sorta wrinkly Accüsed, even without singer Blaine Cook (he proudly owns a hamburger joint now), beats the tar out of bearing witness to the Metal Blade rat race. The “production” on this latest Martha Splatterhead sequel remains, thank Gawd, red-raw, like Bad Brains with a new boombox, but the riffs, as still tendered by Tom Neimeyer, can at times be honestly, frankly, no-kidding heavy, not the “heavy” that’s used to describe what Misfits did (bungling Saxon, basically), but the evil-heavy that Sabbath and Ministry did and Meshuggah does now. Yes, cheaply engineered thrash metal from clowns, but the right type of thrash from the right clowns, an evolutionary link overlooked at metal’s peril. A-Eric W. Saeger