September 28, 2006


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The Summer Obsession, This Is Where You Belong
Virgin Records, 2006

Emo is persona non grata in the car CD player right now. In fact, any singer who canít get through the first few lines without pretending that scales only have four notes gets his bandís CD yanked out of the player, bitten in half and tossed behind the driverís seat, where the jockstrap, empty Glaceau bottles and coffee-stained Cypress Hill albums surround it like hyenas and nip its carcass. But here we have something as worthy of investigation as the recent Maine werewolf or that gator-fishy from Russia, since thereís no scientific precedent for TSOís straight 5 rating on Amazon. Either a single someone connected with this band canít put together a sentence, canít think of a single adjective other than ďamazingĒ and posted all seven ďamazingĒ-dotted comments under seven different phony IDs within 48 hours of each other exactly one week after the largely ignored release date, or there are seven equally unread clucks who simultaneously converged like roaches to a saltine in the strangest coincidence in the history of networked computing. Whatís amazingly amazing is how desperately the band wants to be Dashboard Confessional, but the punchline is that theyíre better than that, often wrangling a theater shtick thatís kind of Andrew Lloyd Webber. B

ó Eric W.†Saeger