August 31, 2006


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Staind, Chapter V
Elektra, 2006

Anyone can write a Staind lyric. It’s easy!

Just take any of the following terms — inside, dead, nothing, bleeding, searching, outside, anger — and mix’em in with a few pronouns here and there and BAM! Staind lyricism at your fingertips.

Staind should have known they we're doomed right from the start when the face of musical debauchery (Fred Durst), took them under his leathery wing. If 14 Shades of Grey didn’t have their foot in the grave, Chapter V is surely a burial at sea for any cultural relevance they might have retained. This is more or less the same rehashed tripe they’ve been carrying on with since Break The Cycle (which they never broke, by the way).

The guitars teeter toward the heavy side, without ever really rocking over the brink, Aaron Lewis whimpers and wails on about the same goddamned relationship that he’s been moping about for the past 10 years (hey Aaron, get a grenade and pull the pin, will ya!) and the songs like “Paper Jesus” and “Run Away” are cut for an emo record.

Surprisingly, though, Jon Wysock’s drumming is above standard here, as if he’s taken a few pages out of Tool’s songbook (hence the “+” at the bottom of this review). But outside of this one highlight, there is little to report here short of endless crapulance from a once promising metal group. Staind will soon be learning the difference between “burning out” and “fading away.” But hey! “Mudshuvel” was cool.D+

— Dan Brian

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