May 31, 2007


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Spooky, Open
Spooky Records, 2007

Spooky’s first LP since 1996 tilts toward the Massive Attack end of the techno-meter, several nice, jivey things to be found. Sadly, there are also some things that only tedious actor-singer culture-zombies could come up with, vacillations that are a little more old-school R&B (hence somewhat embarrassing within this context) than what Tricky and crew have gotten caught doing in their more open-hearted moments. Thither’s the facts, like ‘em or don’t; “New Light” is to an old Irene Cara B-side what opening track “Belong” and its Annie Lennox-as-house-diva fabulousness is to a between-DJs confection in an Ibiza hotspot (Spooky have collaborated with super-DJ Sasha in the past). Taken as a whole, then, Open will cut it both with drinking-agers who’ve grown out of their Danity Kane pajamas and properly smug rich-daddy-hating PETA activists. There are two discs here, the second being a set of remixes, which translates to a nice financial break for those who find themselves really digging the core product. C+Eric W. Saeger