April 16, 2009


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Slim Thug, Boss of All Bosses
E1 Music, April 21

In a return, more or less, to the Swishahouse way of doing things, kicked-back Houston g-rapper Slim Thug has the biggest indie record around, toward a financial point of view at least. In an inexplicable coincidence, when Houston’s 15 minutes of scene-importance ran out and people realized Mike Jones really was no more memorable than a cell phone number, Thug’s relations with Geffen Records crashed and burned, thus a “backward” move to the country’s biggest indie label (E1 was Koch Records up until a couple of months ago) does seem right in a weird way.

Hopeful radio single “I Run,” a mall-gangsta re-futzing of the Flock of Seagulls hit, tells the whole tale, really; it’s not about posing in candy-painted Caddy convertibles (a silly idea in broiling Houston, and why didn’t more people ask) or drinking beer out of jeweled goblets, even though he feels we need to be reminded about it even now; it’s that Thug’s got the streets in his blood, seriously, even after LA glory, no lie.

Land’s sakes alive, with all the super-necessary backstory I forgot to remind you that Thug’s is a rough Biggie-like flow and mention that there’s pre-crunk (“Show Me Love,” others) and borderline hyphy (“Smile” — do people still actually use the word “fly” as an adjective?) on here, all of it totally (insert meaningless hyperbolic descriptive), and now you know the rest of the story. C+Eric W. Saeger