June 21, 2007


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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, In Glorious Times
The End Records, 2007
Octavia Sperati, Grace Submerged
Candlelight Records, 2007

The circus-goth business is booming, with diversity aplenty, if by diversity we mean “more of the same sub-genre-shackled correctness but different people playing the instruments.” It’s clear that all-girl Wuthering Heights-metalists Octavia Sperati concluded during a power lunch kibitz that since they sound so much like Evanescence they may as well jettison their few discrepant characteristics and shoot for an opening spot at their local Giganto-dome, but freedom from MTV interest nevertheless allows them to be interestingly interesting, thus their sophomore LP is far better than Evanescence’s Open Door in terms of intensity, even if the hooks aren’t coming from IV drips. While all this is going on, certain people can’t seem to shut up about Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, whose music screams Rocky Horror Scaring The Bejeezus Out Of Bauhaus, but there’s an additional level of bombast present that must have resulted from one of these crackers listening to too many Queensryche albums. Often loud and rarely dull in spite of their oh-come-on-already influences, they’re the total package for the pancake-vampire set, offering music to stroll in, look around and apply back-of-wrist to forehead by. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: C+ Octavia Sperati: BEric W. Saeger