December 31, 2009


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Sherwood, Qu
MySpace Records, Oct. 13

Happy-face subtropical surf-indie safely reminiscent of Relient K and Hanson. Not much for herd-thinkers to stress about with regard to where this fits in the grand scheme of “alternative” pop things when one of the tunes here once pattered around helping to background MTV’s College Life. All is eminently radio-ready, or would like to be; in many places there’s a hook they just can’t seem to wring out of the correctly chosen bunches of notes gathered at the choruses (that is unless you like a dab of Springsteen B-sides with your boy-band fetishism, in which case you’ll probably love this LP from start to what-me-worry finish). A rare moment of oddballness comes about by having soccer-stadium roars trade blows with Cuban timbales drums in “Not Gonna Love.” Other than that it’s harmless, yes, but finger-snappy all around (their slot at the Warped Tour, I would venture, was the point in the festivities when it was time to sit in the grass indulging in ice cream and blank stares). BEWS