October 11, 2007


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She Wants Revenge, This Is Forever
Geffen Records, Oct. 9
Information Society, Synthesizer
Dancing Ferret Discs, Oct. 9
Couple of mall-goth new-wave curios on deck here, She Wants Revenge up first. Singer Justin Warfield was widely derided in his previous hip-hop life for sounding exactly like Q-Tip, as if nobody else does, and similarly dissed for ripping off Depeche Mode with SWR. There may come a day when an original thought enters the lad’s brain, but meantime, if you’re jiggy with the thought of Human League’s Phil Oakey (to a T) singing about girls playing with razorblades, this is the one. One or two songs are wax replicas of tunes on the band’s self-titled debut, but that’s not supposed to matter because it’s all a gag, see, like all the makeup and gloom is just for laughs, and if money’s made out of it, hey, bonus. Something like that. Regardless, you have here a sequel collection of mid-tempo danceables that sounds like Men Without Hats going after the Joy Division market, only difference being Warfield’s impression of Bowie has gotten better.

Information Society has been around since 1982, but rather than filling their new album with nostalgic hair-pop dross they’ve attempted to apply some newfound knowledge. Daft Punk (or Kraftwerk doing “Mister Roboto” – I’m still trying to figure out the success of that band) comes to mind in “I Love It When…” and “Baby Just Wants,” the latter tossing in some acid house ingredients. Drilling down, “Somnambulistic” sounds like old Wham, “This Way Tonight” nicks Backstreet Boys, and “Burning Bridges” lifts the chorus from Duran Duran’s “Rio.”
She Wants Revenge: B-
Information Society: B+Eric W. Saeger