October 18, 2007


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Seether, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces
Wind-Up Records, Oct. 23
The best bang for your nu-metal buck remains Seether, who consistently make the most of the genre’s guitar-solo-less trappings. This isn’t to ignore Korn, of course, who’ve carved out a violent little banana republic of their own through their talent for atmosphere and a little help from sludge-core, but with Seether one gets the clear impression they’ve witnessed their share of boys room beatings and compensated by splitting off a personality or two. They’re further separated from the Papa Roach brigade by their insatiable jones for grunge (they’ve covered a handful of Nirvana songs over the years), and in fact half of this album’s “Eyes of the Devil” is unadulterated grunge, the remainder being better-than-average sturm-und-drang doom-emo made more than palatable by singer Shaun Morgan’s spine-chilling plea to the Lawd, one of two instantly memorable refrains on the album (the second being the boisterous S&M exhortation on “FMLYHM”). Getting back to 90s radio for a second, “Like Suicide” is a nervous quiet-to-loud rockout that recalls Live. AEric W. Saeger