August 23, 2007


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Saving Jane, One Girl Revolution
Toucan Cove/Universal, Aug. 7
Picture Avril Lavigne for 30somethings, then sharpen the focus until it’s really, really vivid, like on those plastic surgery documentaries. Now imagine the sheer number of bovine critters who’d actually buy that kind of poison. Next, taste the doom of it all. Ohio’s Saving Jane hit Billboard paydirt a couple of years ago with the texted-in Girl Next Door, a bimbo-tronic soliloquy on the pain of not being the prom queen, which of course nobody can relate to. The follow-up to that is this year’s title track, a clinically sterilized dentist-metal rant about how women need to stop relying on fashion and looks for their identity, this coming from an airbrushed bleached blonde (fake tomboy Marti Dodson) who plays dress-up all over the album art, trying everything from cammo-industrial to Avril-skater-geek on for size in her glamour shots. Some good — never near-great — songwriting here, but you have to slog through the nauseating muck of Faith Hill gone Whitesnake to find it. C+Eric W. Saeger.