November 18, 2010


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Ranjit Barot, Bada Boom
Abstract Logix Records, Oct. 19

Iím no connoisseur of fusion, but itís funny, flying blind without even reading the bio I sensed something very John McLaughlin about the guitar work on this, and hey, there it is, a McLaughlin credit on opening tune ďSingularity.Ē Wait, donít go anywhere ó this isnít your daddyís fusion, itís a very compelling debut from this Hindi multi-instrumentalist sideman, his guests a mix of friends and admirers. Sure, thereís an air of Romantic Warrior and stuff like that; muscular, almost too-tight sprints aplenty, but his ethnicity is a most welcome joker in the deck. The fake-outs are pretty cool ó tabla parts played on a regular drum kit, guitar funk coming out of a veena ó and create an experience thatís (no, Iím not going to say Bollywood, because itís nothing like that) like a Return to Forever best-of dubbed with top-drawer Hindi folk. Thereís an exciting, labyrinthine vocal passage on ďT=0Ē that will make the whole album worth the listen for some people, but either way, serious prog-heads need to invest in this. A óEric W. Saeger