November 27, 2008


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Pink, Funhouse
La Face Records, Oct. 28

After the snap-dance scheming of her past, fans of Pink were probably a bit disappointed with her tacking more toward straightforward pop in I’m Not Dead. Or not; I really don’t care and neither should her fans, who’ve been hoodwinked by her diva ambitions since day one.

So what does this album bring to the table in a strictly musical sense, or, more to the point, what singles you guys want to download? This isn’t man setting foot on Neptune, but the girl has inarguably settled into her skin, a mottle of Melissa Etheridge (“Ave Mary A”) and occasional Joni Mitchell on the ballad side (“Glitter in the Air,” the closeout tune, which inevitably ladles out the senses-shattering revelation that even crazy-mean girls have feelings too). “So What,” the post-Runaways punk-bopper tune that’s all over radio, lends this very loud album a lot of accessibility even as it belies the rest of the thing, a non-horrible posture-fest embracing throaty ballads (the pretty “I Don’t Believe You”), an overproduced nod to Amy Winehouse (“One Foot Wrong”) and a goofy Hoobastank dork-romp (“Bad Influence”) with equal passion. BEWS