October 4, 2007


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Office, A Night at the Ritz
New Line Records, Sept. 25
Take the nu-mod out of OK Go and what have you got? More to remove until the band’s completely gone, perhaps, but a more civil answer would be Chicago coed outfit Office, who slow down the typical Pavlovian indie jump-up vibe to speeds appropriate for wedding receptions, thereby making a play for reality-TV-watching couch potatoes. One comparison would be the Killers moonlighting as a Raspberries tribute band, not that all the songs sound like the Raspberries; there are splashes of Franz Ferdinand, Duran Duran and ELO too. Thus, as you can probably tell if you’ve ever accidentally been around a radio, Office’s songs aren’t disposable and are in fact finely polished, although it’s the public’s fault that of all the non-disposable songs on the album, the one that they’ll have to bank on is “Wound Up,” since it was an iTunes Single of the Week last year. The song isn’t terrible, really, but crooning the line “let’s go to the beach tonight/with a bottle of wine” with a straight face is really asking for it, please say you agree. A-Eric W. Saeger