May 25, 2006


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Myk Jung, Zenith is Decline
Endless Records, 2006

Made from only the purest B-horror-movie balladry, Fair Sex singer/despot Jung's solo project aims to service impatient latex fetishists who can put up with space-shot electro trying to get by on mock-mawkish Beethoven-goth wages. “The Name of Endless Yearning" introduces Jung's Drano-gulping Thirlwell imitation, a shtick that apparently wasn't Fair Sex enough to take over the world; Jung drools away lasciviously in his Foetus pajamas while lumbering staccato synth lines slosh around overhead. The proceedings get interrupted every couple of songs for one-minute Floyd-speed instrumentals whose significance is clear as drywall; best bet is that they’re toss-off verses and choruses that never had homes or were summarily evicted for insulting Gus Gus' intelligence. Once Thirlwell escapes from the clutches of his attention, Jung's thoughts turn to old Bowie, resulting in a Major Tom misstep (“The Ancient Moon”), and just when you're convinced that a 10-year-old could do better, one in fact does — Jung's daughter Allegra (Latin for “happy,” wouldn’t you know) turns in an admirably hazy Stefani-vs-Xanax performance on “A Dream of Sway.” C

— Eric W.Sagaer

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