November 8, 2007


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Monster Magnet, 4-Way Diablo
SPV Records, Nov. 6
Goodness, been a while since a Harley-rock band got some love around here, huh? Monster Magnet isn’t supposed to be a latter-day Steppenwolf, but times change and people get old; perhaps all the fuzz-buster psychedelica of their early 90s oeuvre got too loud for them to take anymore. At any rate, they’re no longer trying to beat up the Cult, Floyd and Norman Greenbaum at the same time like the old days, contenting themselves instead to reminiscing about easy bar chicks at metal-cover-band rat holes where the scorpion bowl slobber gets power-hosed off the tables once a month. The guitar sound here is old-school, totally Sixties, beetle-like in the sense that it’d be perfect for documentaries about big ugly black beetles walking around getting where they need to go, like on Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.” Singer Dave Wyndorf still comes off like Lenny Kravitz’ understudy, nasal, invariably stoned, forever on the make regardless of all the progress we’ve made toward a safe unisexual society. God, what a sleazebag! But if you miss Montrose, Steppenwolf, Trower, symmetrical cover artwork and weasel-whiz beer, dig in, ya crazy nut. B-Eric W. Saeger