April1, 2010


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Miracle Condition, Miracle Condition
Tizona Records, Feb. 24

Consider yourself forewarned: your bliss-out flavor of the year is this veteran outfit, two-thirds of whom survived the sinking of US Maple, a band whose stock-in-trade was ostensibly a variety of “reactions to shoegaze” but actually a mishandled, unsellable crapshoot of indie, crazy-ass math-rock and, take a wild guess, shoegaze.

To be honest this “space-gaze evolutionary step” was exactly what I expected, but in fairness, any CD reviewer or completist who’s been around the block a psychologically damaging number of times will never be as surprised/enchanted/nauseated as normal people are when presented with albums like this one, which is, pretty much as subtly advertised, a set of unremarkable Spoon-vs-Warlocks-tinged geek-rawk ditties tossed into a sea of Sunn(((O))) ringout-ology colored in King Crimson tones. What this stuff will eventually accomplish, like all its recent brethren, is making a few people anxious at their local “underground” record store (let’s face it, there’s nothing more joyful than experiencing a loud auditory hallucination of being flushed down a Martian toilet when you’re already well out of your comfort zone, racing around some smelly alt-pop-culture sewer while simply trying to find the new White Stripes or whatever and get the hell out of the stupid place), and then life will go on, and this will be forgotten, rinse, repeat. C+EWS