September 6, 2007


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Ministry, The Last Sucker
Megaforce Records
The good ship Ministry is headed for the scrapyard as of The Last Sucker, although there’s no doubt the next White House administration will rankle Al Jourgensen’s nerves enough to warrant yet another unprintably named star-studded project to serve as catharsis. Last year’s Grammy-winning Rio Grande Blood ran the gamut from Bush-bashing speed-noise to Bush-bashing doom-metal, and it’s the same this time out save for an increased depth of the layering, which can get so thick as to sound as though two songs are going on simultaneously (“Life is Good” rattles along with a Skinny Puppy-like transistorized-mosquito line providing air support). Opening salvo “Let’s Go” is a ferocious piece of old-school speed-metal that does with two chords what most of today’s thrashers can’t accomplish with 150, Jourgensen’s angry caterwaul panned off into left field someplace. Album closer “End of Days Pt 2” catches Jourgensen honestly resigned and melancholic but flailing away to the last by applying an angelic chorus to a good chunk of Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell presidential address, with special echo-chamber emphasis on Ike’s despondent “military industrial complex” warning. A+Eric W. Saeger.