April 10, 2008


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Ministry & Co-Conspirators, Cover Up
13th Planet Records, April 1
So adamant are many listeners nowadays in their opinion that all hard rock made after 1978 is utter sewage that they miss a lot of good stuff. But they don’t care, so here’s to you, retro-heads: the first (of hopefully many) post-retirement Ministry albums gathers together Al Jourgensen’s favorite cover tunes, some lifted from previous albums, all of them kickass in one way or another. A modicum of taste for garage is required, true; “Radar Love” and “Under My Thumb” are all over the place rhythmically, but if you’re the type to turn green over the presence of borderline-bad meter hidden under the din of Mesa Boogie amps you should steer clear of aggressive music in the first place. Previously heard tunes are the “Roadhouse Blues” of last year’s The Last Sucker and the sonic-booming “Lay Lady Lay” from Filth Pig; by far the best on board here is the 1000 Homo DJs version of “Supernaut,” which bore the meanest riff Black Sabbath ever invented. AEric W. Saeger