August 28, 2008


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Lost Boys: The Tribe [Soundtrack]
Adrenaline Records, July 29

Like anyone not in his/her teens or 20s, I cringed at the thought of this movie and literally went out of my way not to see it (ditto with the rest of mankind — it went straight to DVD). Your generation seriously needs to stop romanticizing the olden days, because they sucked just as bad as these, but, even more desperately, you need to quit mistaking drive-thru method-acting and sledge-o-matic good-vs-bad dumb-cluck-ness for art — the movie was beaten harder than Billy Jack in Born Losers.

Other than that, though, rock on, and stuff. When spared the insult of watching Corey Feldman pathetically begging for a little chicken feed by reprising his Edgar Frog role, one can’t help but notice that this soundtrack is as pop-culture-relevant as that of the 1980s “classic.” Aiden’s power-chord version of “Cry Little Sister” isn’t the disaster you’re thinking it is, for one, and hopefully the producers of the new film used Dave Gahan’s way-slick “Kingdom” when it came time to rip off the concert scene with Sweaty Muscle-bound Saxophone Guy. There are too many boneheaded nu-metal joints hanging around here, just as there were too many cheesebag synths in its predecessor, but The Von Bondies’ kook-goth “Only to Haunt You” is as fine a choice for this generation as Echo and the Bunnymen’s “People Are Strange” was to its. Also important to the historical record is the overly familiar sound of half-cocked Janes Addiction-oriented Robert Plant not-really-wannabes, a base covered here by Blind Melon in “For My Friends.” AEric W. Saeger