January 28, 2010


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Locksley, Be In Love
Feature Records, Jan. 26

Ambience for wannabe hipsters, Locksley’s newest is advertised as a continuation of the ’60s jacket-and-trousers Britpop they’d done in the past. Nothing really oldschool Kinks or whatnot about this; it’s smiley, jangly Strokes/Shins-inspired stuff, nu-mod-generic in the same fashion as was the power-pop written for the film The Rocker: nobody will hate it, but neither will a lot of people remember it five minutes afterward. Frankly there’s nothing wrong with making peppy garage music; peppiness is something the world needs more of, I suppose, but one has to wonder how this couldn’t get lost in the sea of similar product that’s out there (it will, don’t worry). The band would appear to be more interested in comparisons to Gang of Four than Raspberries, owing to a paucity of instantly infectious Raspberries-style hooks; they favor pub-rock hey-hey-heys over corn-syrupy woowoo-woos, and this leaves them in a limbo of sorts: this will either soundtrack an iPod commercial or it won’t, all as the fate of mankind hangs in the balance. B-Eric W. Saeger