October 16, 2008


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Lenka, Lenka
Epic Records, Sept. 23

A case of the cream rising to the top, depending on your level of disdain for musical adventure. Lenka Kripac is/was the singer for Australian soundtrack-meisters Decoder Ring, who provided backdrop to Sundance Film Festival entry Jewboy and played a lot of outdoor million-band shindigs.
But that was then; now is about her escape to L.A. and the subsequent submission of her eponymous debut. The fans she’ll accumulate from these sounds are the type who think Feist’s ideas begin and end with “1234”; all of this is jumprope-bubble written for people without cares in the world, cutie-pie dimple-faced soft-shoe bric-a-brac for laundry detergent commercials, ditties anyone can start singing along with after hearing the first verse, only one or two rungs of hipness above your basic Barney-dinosaur montage, but you know something, too bad. If you don’t want to hear Feist be Canada-indie weird, stick to downloading her hit, or better yet buy this thing. The envelope gets gently, minutely pushed during “Skipalong” (invoking Sixpence None the Richer channeling Fiona Apple), but all of this is safe for kids, soccer moms, convicts working in the license plate shop, etc. A- EWS