March 22, 2007


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King Britt, Deep and Sexy 4
Wave Music, 2007

With the potential dawn of new-rave upon us it’s high time to loose modern house music upon the general-audience domain where it belongs. Yes, let us drop all the fabulous, snobby mystique and let 70- and 80somethings in on the gag, because they probably love this kind of music anyway regardless of whether they’re able to rattle off its classification, particularly the ones who find themselves tapping the arms of their Barcaloungers to the shopping-montage segments of What Not To Wear. Let’s be real, that’s what it is, really; catwalk piffle that makes you feel hot whether you are or not, and with mix collections like this threatening to go completely elevator-music on us, why not ixnay the holiday fruitcake in favor of re-gifted Sasha compilations? King Britt, though not quite in the same first-class row as other megaclub resident DJs, does have a knack for avoiding copy-paste disco-ware, but his obsession with depth and sexiness has at last progressed to the point where he’s ruined the buzz, this by insisting on adding instructional Barry White-like overdubs to some of the songs. “What is sexy?” the smoky voices croon, to which you find yourself replying, “howzabout people shutting their faces and allowing me to finish daydreaming about Kate Beckinsdale menacing me with a bottle of granny-apple Joy Jelly?” C+ Eric W. Saeger