August 26, 2010


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Killola, Let’s Get Associated
Our Records, Aug. 10
I flamed some band last year for being punk-novice nimrods who used swears for no reason, I forget who, and they wrote and said — in politically correct, measured tones, that they didn’t swear on the album. That’s what’s left of punk, kids: just because they sounded like jerks with something to prove and I didn’t read the lyrics, the important point is that they didn’t swear. Lucky thing no one in rock thinks anarchy or something might be in order for some Goldman Sachs BP Monsanto reason, right?

So in waddles SoCal garage-rock band Killola, whose hidden track is the Toni Basil song “Mickey.” Do I have to tell you that there’s a super-strong element of Ting Tings in here, or did you already run off to read the funnies in the back? Elsewhere there are serious synth-CheezIts that sound like Missing Persons — the ’80s were a pivotal musical decade! — along with more Ting Tings, some Garbage, etc., and something where the girl singer (who’s obviously been around a few blocks; she’s Lebron in Cleveland if you compare her voice to the capabilities of the band) cackles and taunts about how she’s a “bitch” to her man. Now that’s just a flagrantly negative attitude, young lady! (Or maybe I’m missing some “ironic” point and they’re actually condemning bitchy girls… CD reviewing gets so complicated, you just wouldn’t believe it!) CEWS