August 30, 2007


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KMFDM, Tohuvabohu
Metropolis Records, Aug. 21
Aggro-industrialistists KMFDM can struggle all they want, but the same mainstream that unfairly associates them with the Columbine tragedy isn’t going to hand them any royalties-for-life radio super-hit, ever. It’s up to listeners to seek them out and be willing to tweak their headsets to get the band’s frequency, which often leads to viciously heavy listening experiences. Between their danceable rhythms and Ministry-like propensity toward anti-establishment shout-downs, they’re a thinking-kid’s death-rock act. Though far from a watershed moment (the band’s been around 23 years, and a couple of sound overhauls have passed, so these dogs are a bit old for new tricks), Tohuvabohu is a slight improvement over 2005’s Hau Ruck (“Free Your Hate” was a pristine example of off-the-hook anger-management; the rest kinda stunk) in that it makes room for EBM and thrash, but by using their moniker as a stadium-chant chorus, “Super Power” is the sort of jump-the-shark moment that makes longtime fans hustle for the exits. B-Eric W. Saeger.