August 17, 2006


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Jurassic 5, Feedback
Interscope, 2006

Few records incite a physical reaction in me, let alone a record by an artist I like, but listening to Jurassic 5’s lead single from Feedback, “Work It Out” featuring Dave Matthews, I was holding back projectile vomit.

I can see how this abomination went down:

Record Exec #1: Jurassic 5... They’re doing really well on the college tour scene but their records could be selling better. What else do college kids like?

Record Exec #2: Dave Matthews! Combine the two and you have some sort of... um... super Single! We should package it with a collectable hemp necklace!

Record Exec #3: Great job, boys. Now, onto more pressing business. What kind of annoying DRM can we put on this CD?

Some may say that focusing on one song instead of the album as a whole is unfair but there are times when a band’s or singer’s mistep damages the physical reality of their fans. Now, along with the typical, “Dude, you have to listen to ‘Warehouse’ by Dave!” I’ll be subjected to several inane rammblings about “Work It Out” from Frat-Bro-McDate-Rapist as he lines up his next shot at the Beirut table. Not since the Black Eyed Peas have I seen such a blatantly evil marketing attempt.

As for the rest of record, it’s hard not to listen to Feedback without feeling a sense of irony. J5 stay optimistically mired in the past with jazzy beats and cuts, yet they still proclaim themselves the future radio sound. It’s strange how one record later the group comes across as souless, even after the amazing Power In Numbers.

Thank Jebus college kids pirate 90% of the garbage they listen to. D

— Dan Brian

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