August 24, 2006


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Intronaut, Void
Goodfellow Records, 2006

About time that math-metal sounds were used for a little good — it was beginning to look as though the thrash-indies were going to keep releasing the stuff without ever making melody out of unlistenable morass until the entire genre became rock n roll's answer to the holiday fruitcake. You're hereby forewarned that you should listen to this album with a lead slug between your teeth lest your compulsion to jump around windmilling your air-Strat takes hold and you awake later on your neighbor's floor wondering how the you-shaped hole in the wall got there: Intronaut's shrill jazz chords are there for a purpose, adding depth and elegance to their maniacal riffing, implementing a heaviness that puts both High On Fire and Mastodon on notice, this partly owing to bassist Joe Lester demonstrating that he actually finished up a music degree instead of parroting the few whizzer augmenteds he learned in Jazz Theory 101 like most Red Scare apparatchiks. Cacophony it may be, but this band's control over it is otherworldly. A-

— Eric W. Saeger

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