December 7, 2006


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I Killed the Prom Queen, Music For the Recently Deceased
Stomp/Metal Blade, 2006

While American kiddies remain busily occupied stress-testing their neck-bolts to those wacky guitar-solo-less Papa Roach dudes, the rest of the planet is actively encouraging the direction In Flames done took, in this album's case anointing it with the #1 position in the Australian indie charts. IKTPQ's sound meets federal mosh guidelines but is quite well-behaved when compared to the Overkills and such of old, let alone today's bottomless pit of Mastodon Mini-Mes; it's somehow more catchy than your basic Black Dahlia Murder without drowning itself in emo. In fact, what's needed here is a subgenre category on which they could hang their hats, since the de facto “post-metalcore” could mean anything from Avenged Sevenfold to this month's Red Scare clone. Such a term would require a phonetic “emo” at the end since it denotes music that's dozens of hooky refrains short of a Taking Back Sunday, but way too Taking Back Sunday for misogynistic pancake-makeup Satanoids. How about “fleamo” to mark the scruffy Cujo-barking lead vocals without ignoring the Styx-ness of the backing gimp-choir? C+

— Eric W. Saeger