September 4, 2008


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Greeley Estates, Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East
Science Records, June 6

You can’t really go wrong with day-glo, so these godless, college-avoiding mercenaries dump buckets of fluorescent slop over themselves and make like a crazy-grinning Blue Man Group from Hell in the hope of capturing the 98-pound imaginations of both cluebie goths and death metal nostril-miners simultaneously. Inside baseball note: these consummate sophisticates have been, like, totally owning the Warped Tour, thus they were allowed to get this watershed of quintessential art reviewed in the paper despite its transparent aims. But anyway, our magnum opus of whatever opens with “Blue Monday,” a weenie-ish jolt of Dillinger Escape Plan worship that eventually relaxes on its keester and devolves into something totally Metal Blade Band of the Week. But once that hurdle in your workday is cleared, move on to “Go West Young Man,” a better breed of Bullet For My Valentine-vs-Red-Chord screamo-demon girly-man hatefulness, the sound they stick with, intelligently enough, for “In the Ashes,” others. B+ Eric W. Saeger