July 26, 2007


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Gore Gore Girls, Get the Gore
Bloodshot Records, 2007

Detroit-based Gore Gore Girls are Amy Surdu and whatever two hotties she can tolerate that week. On her new LP Surdu’s voice has lost its brattiness and gone Grace Slick, appearing to have lost an octave from all the yelling at girls to get the hell out of her band while dangerous objects flew around the rehearsal dump. Nothing new here otherwise, particularly if you’re a chick guitarist looking for a ray of hope; none of the radio-hit-length songs point to anything beyond “Oh look, there’s girls up there playing surf punk.” Not to single anything out in particular, but “Casino” is naught but a hardened inversion of Sleater Kinney’s “Oh,” which, along with hooker boots, will get you slobbery reviews from male critics and a two-figure royalty check. Regardless of Playboy’s nibbles of interest in the band the solution doesn’t have to be “take it ALL off,” but it’s up to Surdu to figure out on her own that she needs to stick with one lineup for a couple of albums. Another option: Guitar God synching to Alex Lifeson solos. Just trying to help. C+Eric W. Saeger