May 14, 2009


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Fischerspooner, Entertainment
Fs Studios, May 5

Unfortunately, the third album from New Yawk art/electroclash duo Fischerspooner is light years removed from their debut album, #1, and would almost seem a clumsy attempt to go wide in a TV-theme-song-pop sense.

Bereft of Paisley Underground overtones, drum n bass and all the natural curiosity that colored their debut, Entertainment seems to want to fill a mindless radio void for people hotly awaiting a new album from Garbage or some such other unchallenging mid-tempo rock. It’s not bar-band riff-rock, no, but the techno equivalent thereof, with a Postal Service-inspired thingamabob marking the high point at closing track “To the Moon.” “Supply & Demand” is a lazy man’s way of gluing Duran Duran to Justin Timberlake, while the most obvious attempt at having a little fun comes in the unremarkable “Amuse Bouche,” a combination of Gary Numan and Justice. The live show is still probably one of the trippiest things around, but when they’re this uninspired – in “Infidels of the World Unite,” for instance, a Depeche Mode-tinged house snoozer – all the weird android babes in the world can’t save them. C+EWS