April 27, 2006


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Futurisitc Sex Robotz, Hotel Coral Essex
Hell’s Bitches Records 2006

As if there weren’t enough nerd gangster-rap groups flooding the airwaves, Futuristic Sex Robotz releases, free from “humon” trappings like “price” and “Parental Advisory stickers”, Hotel Coral Essex; one hour of Lt. Cmdr. Data props, old school BBS shout-outs, LiveJournal put-downs and numerous references to how prodigiously this fivesome “f***s hot ICQ b****s.”

In between “pwning n00bs” at WoW and Unreal Tournament, exchanging computer tech support for hot sex, and BitTorrenting illicit warez and Appz, FSR puts out quite an entertaining nerdcore-rap album. This Seattle crew of techno-crunk copy-left .rap geeks whimsically string nerd nostalgia for old school tech, gangster misogynist posing and internet memes into trade off verse format electro hip hop.

Some lines (plus the entirety of songs “Dishwater,” “LiveJournal” and “Empornium”) drop predictably flat, being neither as clever as nerds often find themselves nor as infectious as big ego rappers claim to be. But when it works there is an air of greatness to this amalgam of loquacious geekery and rap braggadacio.

Coaxke, Recycle Bin, PC Speaker, Subrandom and BonzoDog are narrowly focused on the NWA + WuTang rap history and raucusly sledgehammer their dork references to rhyme accordingly. It’s fun, especially for the more tech savvy of us, and while it shows promise both humrously and musically their first album strays only from the formula on their worst outings. On the other hand the entire albumn is free to download from futuristicsexrobotz.com so be sure to grab the hits like “F*** the MPAA” and “The Positronic Pimp”. B
— Glenn Given

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