December 14, 2006


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Entrance, Prayer of Death
Tee Pee Records, 2006

Picture Ministry's Al Jourgensen gone hopelessly hippie and you have Guy Blakeslee, teamed up here with A Perfect Circle's Paz Lenchantin in a "visionary" blues experiment whose visions seem fixated on lava lamps, old Mountain albums, and psilocybin a la carte. As Tee Pee '70s-mush goes, it's much better than J. Mascis' Witch album, not leastly because Blakeslee is obviously more whacked out than Anton Newcombe could ever hope to be; the man's blood is probably about as street-legal as a Mentos-sized hit of microdot, he leans close enough into the studio microphone to smell the breath of the last three hacks to abuse it, and… well, he dragged Paz in there not just to "co-produce" but to help the songs "become realized through her wisdom." The Pitchfork reviewer gushed like a stoned clue-mosquito in his review, meaning they're still — still — beholden to Tee Pee for press passes, but "wowww maaan" does about sum this up if you've never spun "Flowers of Evil" all the way through before. B

— Eric W. Saeger