September 28, 2006


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Earl Greyhound, Soft Targets
Some Records, 2006

It’d be all happy and stuff if a trio of New Yawkers signed to the same label as crypto-hipsters Innaway could be trusted to have an actual case of Zep worship, but not even Wile E. Coyote posts this many big-arrowed FREE BIRDSEED HERE signs around his Acme booby traps, so cautious consumers should take Earl Greyhound’s incessant “Good Times Bad Times” pilferage as a sign that they’re getting their ‘70s vibe from a Flaming Lips wholesaler, or perhaps less optimistically — and they look old enough for it — Lenny Kravitz. Innaway ripped off “When the Levee Breaks” once in the middle of their muffled weirdness of last year, though, and the black couple who runs Greyhound chose as their combination Plant-Page frontman a string-bean honky with three-foot-long hair. Moreover, you’ll not be able to escape hearing about this band no matter what because the drummer has John Bonham down better than Mardo does AC/DC, so get used to it. Whole lotta Cheap Trick goin’ on here, too. C+

— Eric W. Saeger