October 11, 2007


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Dragons of Zynth, Coronation Thieves
Gigantic Music, Sept. 25
To get this, the band had to put Hendrix, Sunn0))) and Flaming Lips in a Ronco particle accelerator and leave it running after everything had already been pureed – the white noise factor is 10½ out of 10. One thing these Dadaists apparently did while taping one song was place a snare drum next to one of the guitar amps and set up a mike right underneath to catch the sizzle of the chains. So yes, there’s noisiness, but the songs, which cater to hard rock sensibilities, are actually decent; if you can handle Boris in the slightest you may be very impressed. Spook-house monkeyshines show up early on, first on the David Essex-like druggie dirge “Get Off” (which sounds like it was played entirely backwards and recorded forwards), and then on “Who Rize above,” which prostrates itself in front of the three chords of Black Sabbath’s eponymous song before a reggae dub-head starts goofing over Hendrix runs. Open-minded admirers of stoner metal could easily end up on board this critic’s pet. AEric W. Saeger