October 11, 2007


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Division Day, Beartrap Island
Eenie Meenie Records, Oct. 2
At this writing, the Eenie Meenie release of Division Dayís self-produced Beartrap Island is supposed to have been out in the stores for two days, but the bandís been crying wolf about its release for nearly two years now (to my knowledge, anyway; thatís about how long itís been hanging around my desk smoking smelly Turkish cigarettes while waiting for me to find evidence of its wide release and at last put it out of its misery), so Iíll believe it when I see the thing in an actual store. In line with that, small-fry zine-critics have been criticizing it for a long time, most of them tagging the record as a vision of angst-ful sadness. When you hear that, you think Low or whatever other gloom-core appeals to the 0.001% of the population that pretends to like that crap, let alone knows it exists, and thatís just dead wrong. What must have happened is one of the bigger mags ran a very esoteric, wholly uninformed review focused solely on the lyrics, and that was to their folly, because nothing could be further from the truth if going by the bandís musical angle, which is how youíre supposed to look at a record in the first place.

What a goddam mess. Itís the fricking Buzzcocks, is what this is, with a lot of Spoon thrown in. This has been a public service message. B-. B- ó Eric W. Saeger