October 12, 2006


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Diva Destruction, Run Cold
Metropolis Records, 2006

Siouxsie Sioux projected a well-defined sense of straghtjacket chic through the use of Tourettes yodels, a je ne sais quoi way with the technology of her day and that clogged-adenoid limey accent of hers. Her modern counterpart Debra Fogerty apes these things as best she can as the proprietor of Diva Destruction, down to exhuming the distinctly í80s keyboards, but at best sheís a one-person Berlin, down to the Terri Nunn vocal oatmeal. But thatís the millennium for ya ó Deb would push double figures on HotOrNot.com whereas poor surrogate art-mom Sioux would earn a few mercy sixes from kindly cyberbuddies at best, not to imply that horrifically cute people canít do art, but if Beyonce ever tears herself from the mirror the first thing sheíll see is Janis Joplinís ghost giving her the finger. PRís dog about Debís classical piano training donít hunt either unless thereís Da Vinci code hidden within the transparently off-the-cuff keyboard runs she so graciously grants us. Flock of Seagulls, now, that was Beethoven, man. C+

ó Eric W. Saeger