November 1, 2007


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Dillinger Escape Plan, Ire Works
Relapse Records, Nov. 12
Still the most aggressive band on the planet, DEP hasn’t softened their blows as of this third full-length, although there are a couple of things meant to comfort the girlfriends of boys who’ll be cranking this on the way to the kegger. What makes this math-rock different from that of its early ancestors is the pure intensity; where Red Scare sounded like they were running away screaming from packs of wolfmen, DEP are the guys racing toward the front, armed to the teeth with sterling silver hollow-points. Original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis joins current singer Greg Puciato for kickoff song “Fix Your Face,” a typical example of the band’s genre-puree: Bad Brains hyper-punk — oops, honking staccato guitars — whoa, wait, bass solo — no, Flight of the Bumblebee — hold it, it’s over. Likewise, “Lurch” is bursts of brat-stomping petulance (“I! Don’t! Know! Your! Name!”) matched up with belly-tickling light-speed guitar scales. This is what homegrown straight-edge wanted to be when it grew up, a simply vicious assault on everything “society” stands for, like — oh wait, I forgot to talk more about the girlfriends in the pimped-out Dodge Neons. For them, the fellers concocted a Chili Peppers vs. My Chemical Romance thing called “Black Bubblegum” (it’s on a Circuit City track sampler, so maybe “society” isn’t entirely repulsive) and a Revolting Cocks bit called “Milk Lizard.” A Eric W. Saeger