October 9, 2008


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Deadmau5, Random Album Title
Ultra Records, Nov. 4
In a recent interview with big-shot UK DJ Nick Warren, I asked him what he thought was going to be happening in the dance-music world in 2009. Essentially he said what’s going to happen to it is Deadmau5, the goofy, skinny Canadian kid in the big cartoonish mouse head who wants to please all of the people for a few minutes of time each. The elastic, very electronic (read cheesy, if you’re a cynic) sound of acid house is threatening a comeback in the near future in rebellious response to the unrepentant glamming-up of house, and This Canadian Kid has a seat reserved on board that train if needed. But there’s a lot of depth to his beats, making them supremely hypnotic when he’s going for the oldschool dark-sweaty-room sound; with all the swirly fantasy arpeggios going on there’s something Tubular Bells about it at times, which leads of course to hints at intelligent dance stuff, like in “Some Kind of Blue” where the floor drops out from underneath you whenever the 5/16-or-something skipped-record beat comes out of nowhere every 30 measures or so. Unless he’s quick on the gun someone will steal his thunder —doing remixes live with his Ableton, cranking out weird video and being a one-man techno-melting-pot — but for now most of the dance community is standing around with a WTF look on their collective face. A Eric W. Saeger